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How To Handle Repairs On Barcode And Mobile Devices

Scanner repair

Ok, so you have a box (or maybe a room full!) of broken Barcode Scanners or Mobile devices, so what do you do with them? You didn’t sign up for the manufacturers extended warranty, or maybe you did, but they won’t cover them because the screen is broken or “Joe in the Warehouse” spilled his Coke on them!

These are high value devices, so what do you do with them?

You could still send them to the manufacturer and have them repaired, but that will be expensive. All barcode manufacturers charge premium prices for out of warranty repairs and sometimes they can take weeks to get the work done.

(One manufacturer, who outsources their repairs overseas, stated that their actual repair cost is 1% of what they charge their customers! That’s right! So, if they’re charging you $800 to repair that scanner then their actual cost is about $8 – ouch!)

Another reason that manufacturers charge such high repair prices is because, well, they can! In years past they may have been the only game in town and end-users had to pay the inflated prices, but fortunately that is changing and third party companies are able to offer cost effective and timely repairs.

Often manufacturers will explain their high prices with tales that they are the only ones qualified to repair their products, but that is simply not the case these days. With most all makes there is now a growing list of depot repair companies (including Mercom) who are qualified and able to repair these high end devices. Now of course, you need to do due diligence if you use a third party repair company. Ask them about their experience and who their other customers are, but don’t be afraid to “Think outside of the manufacturer” when it comes to barcode hardware repairs.

Here at Mercom we repair and refurbish thousands of barcode scanners and handhelds each year from manufacturers such as Motorola/Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell, and others. If you have a room full of broken scanners, or maybe even just the one that “Joe” spilled his Coke on, give us a call!

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