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How To Handle POS Printer Repairs

Epson printers
So, the good news is that Point of Sale (POS) printers are much more reliable than they were, say, 10 or 15 years ago. They are more rugged and the technology has advanced to handle high volume printing. These days POS printers normally give many years of good service, far beyond the initial manufacturer’s warranty period. The bad news though is that there is not much that an associate or end-user can do if one fails. A POS printer failure typically means that it has to be replaced. And then what do you do with the broken printer?

Some computer hardware these days is disposable; it just isn’t worth repairing. POS printers though are expensive; the better ones cost from $500 to $1,000 plus, so it’s normally worth getting them fixed.

Third party depot repairs companies are typically an efficient and cost effective way to do this. Reputable repair companies will receive them and repair them quickly for a flat rate fee and offer a comprehensive warranty. Shipping a printer off for repair is somewhat of a hassle, so look for at least a six months warranty on the repair. An evolving trend is for the depot repair company to hold stock of POS printers for their customers. That way if one fails in the field the repair company will ship a replacement directly to the store or restaurant. They in turn send the bad one to the repair company where it is fixed and put back on the shelf for the next time.

If you have a need for POS printer repair then consider Mercom. We have been repairing printers for over 20 years and we have experience repairing printers from Epson, Okidata, Toshiba, NCR, Zebra, Datamax, HP, Dell, Micros, Brother, Dell, Lexmark and more!

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