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Maintenance Solutions For Field Mobility Hardware


Field mobile hardware is everywhere in our modern world. Every traveling worker seems to have a mobile device of some kind. Whether it’s an iPad or other Tablet or handheld device they are everywhere, and their benefits are clear. From the UPS or Fedex driver scanning packages, to the hospital nurse instantly recording and storing your health history. Field technicians in every industry use them and many manufacturers are designing and promoting the hardware.

Although such devices are essential to many industries, maintenance on them can be a problem. Field mobile hardware is used in a tough environment. These devices can be dropped, run over, fall into swimming pools (we’ve seen it!) and generally subjected to the rigors of a traveling computer. It’s not an easy life on the road for a Handheld device! They’re going to break, and how you handle the repairs can save you a lot of money.

The typical manufacturer’s warranty is one year, with the possible option to buy an extended warranty for another two years or so. The trouble with these warranties though is that they generally won’t cover physical damage such as broken screen or being dropped, and many times that’s what’s going to happen to them.

Probably the most cost effective way to handle their repair is to pay on a per incident basis. This way you only have to pay for those that break! Manufacturers may tend to steer you away from this option. They may not offer it or their pricing on per-incident repairs can be prohibitive. However, there are third party repair companies who offer reasonable repair pricing with a good turnaround time. When it comes to repairing mobile devices you should definitely think outside the manufacturer! Whichever devices you use – Zebra, Motorola, Datalogic, Honeywell or Apple or others – the manufacturer is not the only maintenance option. Look around and you can find experienced third party repair companies who will repair your devices and stand behind them with an extensive warranty. Reliable repair options at a reasonable price are available if you look for them.

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