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Boost Profit Margins With Depot Repairs


A consistent trend with IT hardware is that prices drop! As technology advances the cost of new IT equipment goes down or (sometimes) the functionality that you get with each new generation of hardware increases while the price remains constant. And so, the trend has been to throw out the old equipment and buy shiny new hardware every few years. This process often makes sense with much of the lower end hardware such as PCs, monitors and desktop printers, but for higher priced hardware, not so much.

For high end IT hardware – such as RFID devices, barcode equipment, POS hardware and networking devices – it often makes sense to repair, rather than replace. Certainly for large companies with hundreds or thousands of users the cost to continually refresh equipment can be very high. For such companies too, standardization is important. Logistically companies have to settle on specific manufacturers and types of IT equipment, otherwise management of them becomes too unwieldy.

So, unless there are great leaps in functionality with the new hardware or security flaws with the old, it often makes sense to repair hardware rather than to continually replace it. A cost effective way to do this is with a depot repair company. Depending on the specific equipment, a reliable depot repair company can normally fix equipment at 20% to 50% of the replacement cost, which can give you huge cost savings. Repaired equipment should come with a comprehensive warranty; six months is often typical. Also, if an item cannot be fixed for any reason then they normally won’t charge you. Although your repaired equipment won’t be new, you’ll know that it was cost effectively and reliably repaired and will continue doing its job for a long time to come.

Have you had success (or failures!) with depot repair companies? Let us know your experiences and leave a reply below!

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