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Options For Handling Restaurant POS Repairs

If This Guy Works For You - Call Us!!
If This Guy Works For You – Call Us!!

So, the new chef has managed to drop the receipt printer in the deep fat fryer! (It happens – we’ve seen it!), and the touchscreen monitor isn’t working because a waiter has been jabbing at it with his pen! Been there! What to do!? There’s no doubt that the restaurant industry is a tough environment for POS hardware, but what’s the best way to maintain the equipment?

Onsite support is a popular option. A Technician from a nationwide support company can be onsite to help within a few hours. The trouble with onsite support though is that it can be expensive, really expensive! Also, most onsite support providers will contract out the work, and so the quality of the Technician who shows up onsite can be variable.

A cost effective solution to onsite repairs is using Advanced Exchange with a depot repair provider. Advance Exchange (also known as “Spare-in-the-Air”) is where the depot ships replacement hardware directly to the restaurant, and the restaurant then ships the defective item to the depot for repair. Once fixed, the depot puts the hardware back on the shelf for use the next time. These days most POS hardware is easy to change out, and normally a restaurant employee can do it without incurring the high cost of bringing a Technician onsite.

The depot repair company should also be able to manage your hardware inventory for little extra cost. They can keep tabs of what hardware is in stock, what is being repaired and what hardware is due back from a restaurant. They should be able to provide you with frequent reports on this information and also send reminders to those restaurants that don’t return broken hardware promptly.

You can also expect them to process any warranty repairs for you with the manufacturer. No depot is authorized to repair all manufacturers’ equipment, but they should be able to return it to the manufacturer on your behalf when they cannot do it themselves.

So, the Advance Exchange model of POS repairs offers major cost savings in the hospitality industry and an established depot repair provider can be a pair of very “safe hands” for your POS maintenance.

In order to find out more how Mercom can help you maintain your POS hardware, complete the information below and we’ll be in touch!

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